All your Questions answered in one place:

Q. How do I choose between the different lineup options?

When considering the lineup we recommend you firstly think about the size of your venue, number of guests and budget. Bear in mind the bigger the band the better the sound and the more aesthetic appeal!

Q. Would it be possible to see the band perform live before we book?

Unfortunately most of our performances are for private events but check the website or contact us as there are a few public gigs every year.

Q. How long do you play for?

Standard set consists of 2 x 60 minute sets (which we’ve found from experience works the best). We can also offer 3 x 40 minute sets as an alternative. For an additional fee we can also add up-to an extra hours worth of live music.

Q. Will the band take requests and learn our first Dance song?

Yes the band is happy to learn your first dance song! All we require is 2 months notice so the band can learn it properly. If you can’t decide on a first dance song then the band can provide a list of songs which work well.

You are also welcome to request up to 10 songs from our repertoire and if you have any special request please contact us.

Q. How long does the band need to set up their equipment?

Generally the bigger the band the longer the set up time so as a rule of thumb we like a maximum of 2 hours for a 12 piece line up.

Packing down normally takes the band 1 hour from the end of performance.

If you require an arrival time of earlier then 6pm then the band may add a waiting fee.

Q. Does the band provide their own Sound and Lighting?

The Sessions provide their own PA system for up to 150 guests and at very small extra cost can provide a PA for as large an audience as is required.

The Sessions also provide their our lighting for the band and stage area. If more lighting is required for the venue or dance floor area’s this can be orgnaised for an additional fee. But please contact us for exact requirements.

Q. How much space does the band need?

The Sessions will try to be a flexible as possible in regard to the stage size and can quite easily adapt to a number of situations however it is advisable to provide a minimum stage area of 15″ x 10″ (4.5M x 3M approx) for the 8 piece, 17″ x 12″ (5M x 3.5M approx) for the 10 piece and 20″ x 12″ (6M x 3.5M approx) for the 12 piece band.

It is not necessary to provide a stage but if you do have one that is a bit smaller than the measurement above that’s fine we can normally use it as a drum or amp riser!

However please do always provide a space or about 15″ x 8″ for the band to perform in.

Q. What do I need to provide for the band?

Unless alternative arrangements are previously made, The Sessions will provide everything they need to put on their show (except for a stage) including PA and lights so you don’t need to worry about providing this.

The Sessions also require an electrical power supply with a minimum load of 4kw.

A dressing room or room to the side is also highly recommended so the musicians can change, keep out of the way of your guests and also store any empty boxes or cases safely.

Q. Anything else we should think about?

It is worth having a think about electrical sockets. The band normally likes to work with 4 double electrical sockets to keep things as safe as possible.

If you are hiring a marquee it is worth speaking to your marquee company and hiring a suitable generator.

Q. Some other words of advice!

Try not to organise other attractions at the same time as the band like a buffet or fireworks.

Please also advise the band of any sound restriction or limiters your venue may have so we can prepare and bring the appropriate equipment like a smaller PA or an electric drum kit.